The Ultimate Do It Yourself Electronic DRUM
Trigger to USB MIDI Converter module

MegaDrum is a simple and easy to build yet very powerful MIDI DRUM trigger.
It can be used with many varieties of Edrum kits/pads/cymbals to produce MIDI signals
which can be fed to a computer with drum sampling software : BFD, Toontrack DFH, ...
to produce wide variety of drum sounds or it can be connected to a drum sampler machine.
Or you can use this module to add more inputs to your commercial eDrum module ...

It can be compared with Roland TMC-6 but with more inputs and more capabilities.

This is a DIY project and uses widely available and very inexpensive components.
MegaDrum gives you flexibility in what modules you want to build and what components to use.

Here are the main features of the MegaDrum drum trigger that make it different from other drum triggers :

- True 56 triggers inputs.
- Full USB2 plug'n play.
- MIDI In and Out/Through DIN connector.
- New All In One PCB v3.1, for an easy build and high integration !
- Variable HiHat controller input and 55 trigger inputs giving in total 56 inputs.
- Supports dual zone piezo/piezo pads on all inputs (except Kick). Head/crossstick/rim shot are all supported.
- Supports dual zone piezo/switch pads on all inputs (except Kick). Velocity sensitive on both zones and chokeable.
- Supports 3 zone Roland style cymbals (e.g. CY-12 / CY-15 ) on all inputs (except Kick).
- Sopports 3 zone Yamaha style cymbals (e.g. PCY130 / PCY135 / PCY150 / PCY155 ) on all inputs (except Kick).
- Supports different types of HiHat controllers - switch, variable like VH-11/12 or DIY (e.g. optical)
- Individual 'Dynamic thresholds' on all inputs to better handle false triggering (ghost notes) and fast rolls.
- 4 Crosstalk suppression groups with individual crosstalk suppression levels in each group.
- Individual MIDI channel, dual/single/3 zone pad, auto/manual sensitivity and curve settings for every input.
- 10 Different types of velocity curves. Each input can be assigned an individual curve.
- Velocity curves for each individual input can be compressed and shifted.
- 9 gain levels set individually for each input.
- A choice of Atmega32, Atmega324P or even Atmega644 MCUs. Several versions of firmware are provided for 12MHz, 16MHz or 20MHz versions of these MCUs.
- USB powered. No need for a separate power supply.
- Different MIDI I/O : standard MIDI AND USB MIDI using any of PIC18F2550 / PIC18F2450 / PIC18F14K50 / PIC18F13K50 MCUs.
- No need for an expensive programmer. Firmware can be programmed using a simple cable.
- MegaDrum firmware can be upgrade over Sysex so you won't need a programmer after an initial bootloader firmware has been programmed.
- Potentiometer free design. You don't need pots at all and this saves quite some money.
- SysEx support. MegaDrum can be controlled from a computer and there is already a nice looking multiplatform application developed for this: MCT (MegaDrum Config Tool)
- Can save 2 or 4 configs and 7 or 13 Drum Maps (depending on the MCU type) in non-volatile memory.
- 16x2 LCD with VU meters.
- 4 user control buttons, 2 rotary encoders (optional), 'Quick access' to all pad settings.
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